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Erase Layer to Magic Pink and other colors

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You can now erase a layer easily to some of the most popular colors for color keying and other work involving layers, including to magic pink. This is useful when using the layer in the mode called Magic Pink, which forces the pixels to be transparent if they're colored pink, or opaque in any other color case.

Right-click the desired layer. You'll see additional options in the bottom of the menu.

erase to magic pink and other popular
                            colors for keying
click image to enlarge it

                              modes in PD Pro 8

Not familiar with how layers work in PD Pro,
and how to use Magic Pink or other layer modes?

There are over 33 layer modes.

The default layer mode is not an opaque layer, it is Multiply mode.

Magic Pink  and
Drop magenta

are useful for keying, and to get opaque pixel behaviour.

 Look for more information & tutorials here.