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Installation Guide - v7 Howler

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let's howl

let's howl



This Video shows the installation of PD Pro 7 Howler on a 64-bit version of Windows 7 Home Premium

Here's another look.This one was based on an earlier release candidate, RC4. The steps are pretty much the same. We show it here simply because in this case we didn't install it as Administrator, whioch could possibly cause the final attempt to launch the installed program fail. No worries though, you can immediately relaunch it after installation.

Also check the F.A.Q.

Troubleshooting your problem Installation of PD Pro 7

If you had trouble with the installation, or when launching the program even after what appears to be a successful installation, don't worry. We have yet to find a case of an installation that can't be fixed. But it is true that occasionally, there's something that prevents it from being a smooth installation.

The things that can happen and interfere with a smooth installation, include (but are not limited to):

  • An older version of Dogwaffle is still running (check the task manager for some modules like Brushmanager that may be left astray)
  • You have an antivirus program that prevents installing certain things in certain places, or it prevents registering certain files like OCX's, setting registry values, ...
  • You have another program or service currently running that uses (and locks) some of the VB Runtime files. See for example the interference with a PSP X10 licensing (PSI) service, described in the FAQ
  • You may have UAC (User Account Control) set to restrict certain types of installations
  • You may not have installed or updated the Microsoft .Net framework 4
  • An older version of Dogwaffle is already installed where you try to install. In many cases that's not a problem, and it may be possible to just install on top, but in a few cases (often linked to some of the above-mentioned restrictors like antivirus or UAC), that may not work smoothly.
  • You may need to right-click and run the intallation, or the program after installation, as administrator: Run As Administrator. It is usually not enough to be logged in with an account that has admin rights.

If you are unable to properly install, check the Help files, the F.A.Q. files, and then if it still don't work, contact us.

Here is something you may see after the installation:

needs elevation

This is typically observed on a system with UAC after successfull installation, but only if you did not run the installation as administrator. As the (somewhat cryptic) error message states: The requested operation requires elevation. At the end of the installation, if you left the box checked that would try to run the installed program after you finish, this could appear. If the installer was not "Run As Administrator...", it may not have the necessary permissions. The permissions need to be elevated, i.e. they require elevation. Not that they require elevation only to be run from the installer. They don't need that when you run it directly thereafter. So you can ignore this error and run the program immediately, directly yourself. Well, in most cases.

More examples and help here

More Trouble-shooting, examples and help here

Also check the F.A.Q.