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Installation Guide - PD Pro 10 RC26

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Also check the F.A.Q.

Here are some notes about installing PD Howler 10.0, RC26.

Start the installer that you received.

You might see an initial warning, depending on your security settings. After you continue, you'll see the first screen of the setup wizzard that will guide you through the installation.

Then click Next to continue.

License Agreement

On the next screen, be sure to check the radio button to accept the license agreement, and please take the time to read it.

Then click Next to continue.

Select Destination Location

You can specify the folder where it should be installed.
We recommend using the default location, but if for a good reason
you prefer to indicate a location  elsewhere, you may do so.

Click Next to continue.

Select Start Menu Folder

You should probably want to use the default value here too,
but if you keep older versions of Howler on the same PC
it may be useful to give this one a unique name.

Click Next to continue.

Select Additional Tasks: Desktop shortcut icon

It is very handy to have a shortcut on the desktop that launches Dogwaffle.
You may want to do so. It is enabled by default.

Click Next to continue.

Ready to Install.

The wizzard now has all the information needed to proceed with the installation.

Click Next to continue.

Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 x86 Redistributable Maintenance

Shortly after the installation is under progress, another screen should appear.
This is related to a needed component, the runtime libraries from Visual C++ 2010.

If the interface offers the choice to Repair it, it indicates that you already have it.
Do not check the option to Remove it.

You can click Cancel if you don't want to repair it (modify it).

You can click Next if you do want to repair it.

If you clicked Cancel, a final confirmation dialog will appear,
after which the installation continues with the rest of PD Howler files.

If you chose Repair, the next screen will display the progress of that activity.

Upon completion of the repair, you should see this window:

Click Finish to complete that part and return to the installation of the rest of the files.

Upon completion of the installation, you will have the option to launch PD Howler.
It is important to run it once at this point.
Leave the box checked, and click Finish.
This will end the setup wizzard, and launch PD Howler.

To check that you are running PD Howler 10, check the information under

Help > About...

In the lower left you'll see a version number:
(Generation 5, Version 10.0)

You are now ready to waffle and howl!