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Waffling & Howling on Linux?

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With a glass of 'Wine' (almost) everything is possible


This information will be of interest to you if you use Linux. It seems that Howler 10 can be used under Linux with Wine and PlayOnLinux. Note that you may need to disable Howler from using the GPU under menu: View > Settings > Threading and GPU.

Update April 2016  --- Looks like it works

Here is nice feedback from a user named Derek:

I've already written on your blog but here it is again.
I've managed to run Howler 10 on Ubuntu 14.04 under Play on Linux. I've downloaded the latest version of both Wine and Play on Linux and it works!

I must admit that it crashed on first attempt but I switched to CPU
graphics (disabling the GPU option) and it was fine. Speed-wise it is OK with some minor delay but nothing I can't live with. Looks like things are looking up.

For your information I'm running an old twin core 32bit AMD 3gb of RAM with on-board graphics. I do have dual boot with Vista but that isn't much better.

Thanks for a great program

running Howler 10 on Ubuntu 14

Update January 2012 --- Eureka?

We recently heard of Play on Linux - based on Wine(?) and have heard that Dogwaffle may run in Linux that way.

We're not quite there yet....    (that was as of June 2011)

Over time, the Wine project has made great strides and progress in supporting Windows apps under Linux. For Project Dogwaffle, we're seeing some challenges still with the latest versions that use .Net framework 4, but it seems that earlier versions have a chance to run. Seems like Wine can't handle all the OLE stuff.

You may want to use CrossOver for Linux (also available for Mac). It's from the great minds at CodeWeavers. It's based on Wine, and then some. Just do it, support them, support the cause, and help feed a starving programmer.

Here's a screenshot reported by Andras Horvath, using straight Wine. Andras is the author of aaPhoto color balancing magic and other great software at

Unfortunately, while this looked promising at first, it didn't go beyond the initial start... when painting, or interacting with some menus or tools, things get hairy.

PD 1.2
                free on ubuntu1004

( click image to enlarge)

So we're still waiting to hear if Dogwaffle will ever run under Linux.