and Dan Ritchie announce the Release of PD Pro 8.2 Howler - "Skyock's Egret"

San Diego and Santa Clarita, California, February 16, 2012

Announcing Project Dogwaffle Professional, PD Pro Howler version 8.2, with GPU and Windows 8 support.

"We've put a lot of time and effort into this one,", said Dan Ritchie, creator of Project Dogwaffle, "and we couldn't have done it without our loyal base of beta testers. It was quite team work experience. This marks the beginning of a new era in Howler. We've had the desire to use the GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) for quite a while. It is currently used by the 3D designer for lighting, by the Mandelbrot filter, and the new Bokeh blur filter.  There's also a benchmark feature on the settings panel to compare performance."

- What's New in PD Pro 8.2 Howler -

Here is a short summary:

* Using the GPU for acceleration of some
computations that are extremely compute intensive.

* User Interface improvements.

* Tested and made to run very smoothly on Windows 8. Also runs well on Windows 7, Vista and XP.

* 3D Designer is now optimized by using a lower tessellation level during interactive previews.

* Overhauled Custom blur, now called Bokeh blur. Also uses the GPU.

* More filters were expanded to make them animateable, i.e. able to spread their effect on all frames of an animation.

* The ruler is now positioned relative to the upper corner of the image.

* Addressed gradual darkening issue with the rules based foliage brush system.

and numerous other enhancements, new capabilities and bug fixes.
The complete list of changes made since v8.1 can be found at

"GPU support is implemented through the MS concurrency runtime (VC++ AMP)", added Ritchie, "and requires Windows 7 or 8 with DirectX 11 and a graphics card or chip that supports it. On other systems such as Vista and XP, CPU code is used instead. It still works, just a little slower."


- Pricing and Availability -

PD Pro 8 Howler edition is available now for purchase at at the price of $99 USD.

Current users of PD Pro 8.0 or 8.1 will receive a free update to 8.2.

Current users of earlier versions or of the Artist edition who wish to move to v8.2 Howler edition are encouraged to contact to request a discount coupon for upgrading.

Student pricing remains discounted at 70% off the regular price.

A lighter Artist edition of PD Pro 8.2 will be available in coming weeks. Users of v8.0 Artist edition will receive that version as a free update too.

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- About Project Dogwaffle and -

Dan Ritchie currently lives in Santa Clarita, California, and has been developing Project Dogwaffle digital painting and animation software as a project of passion and love for over 16 years. is a small privately held company owned by Philip Staiger based in San Diego, California that has partnered for years with Dan to market and distribute Project Dogwaffle through its many releases in downloadable editions, as well as boxed product, localized versions in Japan and bundled with companion tools offered to game developers through GarageGames(R), makers of graphic tablets and the Cool Creative Bundle, to name a few.

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To request an evaluation copy for review or for other inquiries please contact Philip or Dan through


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