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PD Howler 11.x for Steam - How to Uninstall

If you've only installed the straight main installer of Dogwaffle, it's an easy uninstall the way you usually do in Steam. Just right-click the program menu item in Steam and select Uninstall.

But if you did add some extra patches or updates, such as installing v11.3 or 11.4 on top of the original install, then you will find that the usual uninstall works only in part. It doesn't remove all extra files that were added from the extra updates.

This is easily fixed, by going to the folder where the program was installed. After uninstalling the normal way, look for an extra uninstaller program, run it, and you should have just a few empty folders left, which you can delete.

Here are the typical recommended steps, for example with version 11, after having installed 11.4 on top too.

Right-click the program and select Properties. You will want to do that before uninstalling, so you already have a window open on it to easily access what's left over after the first uninstall.

Go to LOCAL FILES and click Browse Local Files

So tThis is where you had installed it. Keep this window open for now.

Ok, now you can uninstall it.

Accept and do it

After the uninstall as completed, Steam thinks it is gone. Indeed, most files have been removed. But a few files and subfolders are left over. They came from the 11.3 or 11.4 updates, and Steam didn't know about those since they were added by manual installation.

If you had saved some brushes, media of sorts, scripts and such, you might want to take a safe copy of these.

Then scroll down to see if you have another uninstaller left:  unins001.exe for example

Security Tip: if your Windows is configured to hide extensions of known file types, you may want to change that to see which ones are executables.

Run this extra uninstaller. (double-click it, or right-click and Open it)

The extra uninstall is now done.

There may be just a few empty subfolders left. Check them, if they're empty, delete them. Then go up one level to the parent folder.

You're now looking at the empty skeleton of what used to be the Howler installation folder. Nuke it.

That's it.

All gone.

Miss it already?

Time to re-install and start waffling and howling again...

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