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The new Color FX filter

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color fx filter
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A new filter named Color FX was added to the Adjust category of filters in the final release (not available yet in the pre-order beta):

It can radically alter the overall tone of an image while keeping the basiccolor scheme intact.

How it works, would take some explanation. Consider the "Expose through lens" filter that converts a color image to a grayscale image as if exposing it through a color filter. Some colors get more exposure, and some get less. Now move the idea into a picture that maintains its chromanance. Same idea. The value channel is treated as if exposed through a color filter, and the chromanace stays intact.

Basically, I started using this trick to tone down a blue shirt in a portrait that was overblown in the sunlight, but it can be used to accentuate red-red tomatoes, or alter the difference between that yellow grass and blue sky, you name it.

To run the filter, go to the Adjust category:

Filter > Adjust > Color FX...

then just drag the cursor within the color wheel

(click the image to enlarge)