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20180505 Martian Landscapes

Eleveation maps, texture maps, sky maps and more

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20180505 - Happy Cinco de M...ars!

It's May 5th, 2018 - Cinco the Mayo, and.... in other news:  NASA is on its way to Mars again!.

Did you get your Boarding Pass? Project Dogwaffle did. Yes, we're on our way to Mars!

It's a great time to let your imagination get creative, and render new imaginary landscapes, inspired by what you think Mars looks like, or looked like in the past, or might look like in the future.

Learn everything about the Insight Mission:

Want to try it for yourself?

Here is the elevation map and texture map in one file for Dogwaffle. The elevation map is in the main image layer, the colored texture map is in the Swap image.

download as 7z  : Image_9b.7z  (2.1 MB)
download as zip :  (3.4 MB)

If you don't have PD Howler or PD Artist, try the free demo.

Here are some renderings with created from the above terrain, using Project Dogwaffle's Puppy Ray:  (click thumbnails to see larger image)