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20180818 - Quad Trees

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Quad Trees - (ab)used

Dan made this little program that tracks your mouse position as you draw, and generate subdivision quads along with it. Neat.

Dan explains:

Just a first step to doing oct-trees for a 3d acceleration structure, but it could potentially be useful in our API.
Quadtrees are regularly used in optimizing sparse data, like particle systems, or motion estimation, or in image compression.
Oct-trees are typically used for optimizing geometry for raytracing.

Okay, but it surely can also be useful as a gadget to create yet another type of heightmap. Perhaps for ancient ruins, a city long lost to the desert, markings of a former civilization.... to generate new styles of city scapes, post-apocalytic vistas and visions of Atlantis getting flooded.

Here are some Quad Tree dabbles.

Just a single brush stroke along the zigzag line from upper left to lower right:

Or another, inverted and resampled:

And one more:

Free Quad Tree tool

If you want to create and dabble with this program, you can grab this and run it. No installation needed. No guarantees. Use at your own risk. We did.

 Draw in it. Use screen capture (e,g, Print-screen key) or capture tool to take a snapshot of the drawn quad tree.

(note: always run it through updated anti-virus scanner first)

Now, load any of these and take them into Puppy Ray, and let your imagination take control - I dare you.

  Use such a rendering as a newheight map, and you render an iterative result.

and again...

and again

and keep going... changing just some few parameters at a time.