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an accoustic guitar duo with Warren LaPlante & Ruben De Anda
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Meet the artists behind Notas Antiguas: Warren Laplante and Ruben De Danda
Warren Laplante
Ruben De Anda
Warren on Youtube
Ten Years Later
- Helter Celtic
shredd  (insane!!!!!)
Up the airy Mountain

Ruben on Youtube
- home of the Ukulele Tuning video
- now also a Guitar tuning video

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  More Notas:
Warren Laplante on Youtube
Ruben De Anda on TouTube
Guitar Tuning, Ukulele Tuning, Violin Tuning...
Got a Guitar, Ukulele, Violin or other strings that needs tuning? This is a quick, free and easy way to do it yourself in ~30 seconds.

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