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Alpha Skills
Lesson 2

Selecting multiple areas (with Shift key)

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Selecting & storing each concentric oval as a custom brush

Ok, so with the SHIFT key, we can add to the selection. Note that if you change your mind and didn't want the second clicked oval, simply use Shift+right_click to select that faulty region.

Let's make sure we're still using the magic wand tool now for what follows.

Now let's go back to each oval individually: Click one (the yellow center oval) and pick it into the brush, then store that brush

Then click the next outer oval, alone (without Shift), so that only that one is selected. Again use it as custom brush, and store that new brush.

In no time you'll have each of the concentric ovals isolated into separately stored brush images.

Here's what the work might look like so far. In the lower right quadrant of the screen you see each of the individually stored brushes containing an oval alone.

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