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Expanding the single frame into an Animation

Once you have created your desired single-frame image and the desired selection mask in Alpha, make it into an image sequence: select the menu:

Animation > Create...

PD Pro will ask you how many frames you want. You also will want to make sure that the newly created frames are initialized by way of copy from current frame.

Transfering an Animation into Custom Brush
The Custom Brush selector can be now used with the ALT key to pickup a rectangular selection, from the current frame of the animation to the last. If the current frame is the first frame (which it is by default right after creating the animation), then this will transfer all frames to the custom brush.

You can use the keyboard shortcut:

b for brush

or left-click the custom brush selector from the tools panel. It is located in the lower-left of the tools collection next to the color picker.

The brush selector lets you pick up the desired image through a rectangular rubberband box area. If PD detects that there's an alpha channel present with a selection, such as the circular region we expanded a few pixels into the black region, then it will use Alpha for keying transparency into the brush frames. Otherwise, it keys transparency based on the secondary color.

IMPORTANT: Before you release the mouse button at the end of your rectangular rubberband box selection, press and hold the ALT key. This will signal to DOgwaffle that you wish not only to pick up the selected image from the current frame, but also from all subsequent frames through the last.

As soon as you've picked up the brush, you can clear alpha (Control-D) and start painting with the newly created custom brush:

Naturally, all frames that were picked up into the custom brush are so far identical, so we can't see its benefit yet as an animated brush. We'll soon see about changing that.

However, before anything else, you should store this newly created brush.

menu: Brush > Store & manage...

This will keep that custom brush safe from accidentally creating a new one and loosing this one. There is only room for one active custom brush, but yu can store and manage as many as you want (as long as you have memory on your PC).

You can use the double-quote (") keyboard shortcut to quickly store the current custom brush.

To verify that you properly icked up all desired frames and noyt just a single frame, view the frames of the stored brush as a filmstrip:

If there was only one frame in the custom brush, you'd only see one image in the filmstrip. Here's an example showing the first 4 of an animated frame sequence. You can scrub through all frames with the slider at the bottom of the filmstrip view. Yu can also resize the window to see the frames larger or smaller and see more of them at the same time.

part2 part3 part4 part5

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