you can fly!? Saving to Animated Gif
Use the free DoggyFX plugin to export an animation
from Project Dogwaffle to animated Gif

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You know you can create lots of animations in Project Dogwaffle. Here are some examples:

The original animation was created in Poser's walk designer.

How about saving these to animated Gifs?  Well, in fact, the above are animated gifs, saved from Project Dogwaffle through a plugin.

You can save animations created in Project Dogwaffle in several ways.

PD Pro has direct saving to image sequences, such as Jpeg files, Targa images or Tiff, Png and Bmp, to name a few.

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You can then also convert these saved images to other formats with the Batch Process converter, powered by ImageMagick.

There's 60+ image formats in there.

Also, you can save Dogwaffle animations directly as AVI movie files, with your favorite codecs installed on your systems such as Xvid, DivX or Indeo 4 and 5.

In order to save an animation as Animated Gif, try using the free DoggyFX plugin.

>>> It is available for free downloading and installation here

AFter installing DoggyFX, launch the plugins panel from the Window menu.

(shortcut 'k' as in 'killer plugins')

<<< Select the "Misc" tab

<<< Start the DoggyFX plugin.

You can then select the Utilities category, and run the plugin named

   Export to AnimGif

While there you can also see other export options:

   Export animation to MNG 
   Animation to Spritesheet
   Import AnimGif

For AnimGif format, you can also find the export and import options in the File menu f DoggyFX.

You will be able to select either a global frame delay, or set a delay specific to each frame. You can also select as transparent color the one currently in set as primary color.