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Compositing two images into one
with Bluescreening in PD Pro 4

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Here's the goal of this tutorial: to composite two images into one, by using the blue-screening technique: a dinosaur rendered in Shade 8 (3D) against a blue background, with a digitally painted background scene made in PD Pro 4:

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(click images for larger views)

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First, the dino:  that one is a 3D model included in Shade 8 Standard. The background color was set to blue. Then the model was rendered. No tutorial needed on this, you can use your own 3D tools the same way to produce a rendering of anything against a plain blue background color.

The dino shown above was also enhanced in PD Pro through color embossing. If you want the original image from a quick render in Shade without much fanfare, use one of these:
If you don't have a 3D program yet, check here for affordable ideas.

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Next: The background:  this one was created in PD Pro. First, the Sky filter was used to render the cloudy skies.

menu: Filter > Render > Sky...

Play with the sliders to adjust the appearance to your liking.


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Then, use the Particle brush system (menu:Window>Optipustics) to paint with BaddyGrass preset, as well as with WinterBranches preset, but adjust some of the settings if you like. Then add some more baddygrass in front. Here's a look at what's easily possible in seconds:

click images to enlarge

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You're now ready to composite the dino with bluescreen over the background image.

It's helpful to pre-load the two images as stored images, so they can be placed into the resepctive image buffers in a heartbeat. (menu:Image>Store Image)


1. Jump to the alternate buffer (the Swap buffer) - keyboard shortcut 'j' - or
     menu:Image>Swap Buffers

2. Place the background image into the buffer

3. Jump back to the main buffer  - keyboard shortcut 'j' again - or
     menu:Image>Swap Buffers

4. Place the second (foreground) image
(dino with bluescreen) into that buffer

5. use the composite command:
      menu: Filter > Composite with Swap > Bluescreen...

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You can probably just use the default values of the bluescreen compositor.

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