you can fly!? It's not Kirlian
but it's pretty too and reminded me of it, somehow, so there it is
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Accidental Kirlian Effect?

You may have heard of or seen Kirlian photography, which claims to reveal the soul of all living things, such as leaves from a tree. To me it's pretty, and sometimes intriguingly colorful, so it has and deserves a place amongst visual art no matter what.

The other day I was playing around with particle brushes and the Color Sobel Edge filter, and found that it produced a cute effect that vaguely brought back memories of Kirlian images I had seen long long ago as a kid.
Here's how I created that:

Setting up the Particle Brushes

Start the Particle brush system (Optipustics, from the Window menu, or keyboard shortcut 'i' for incredible?)

Click a preset. For example, go to the "Settings" button located in the bottom right of the Particles brush panel.

I clicked the Thorns preset for this example...

Change the Initial Velocity if  you want the particles to shoot out in all directions a little easier.

You might also want to create a 'thinning' of particles by using the Age Decrementing if you have PD Pro 4.1 - Click the More button next to ForceFIeld (FF) and Fog.

Set Age decrementing to 5. I often try 5 for any new experimental values... it seems like 5 is a Golden number that works well for many things.
You may also want to use a higher 'Randomize parameters' value. It often adds a more natural, less 'predictably repetitive' appearance to the particle brushes.  Be sure also to uncheck the 'Shading' box so that the color is not affected by what direction the particles travel, only by the colors in the selected gradient.

Here's a decent result, done with one brush stroke, starting from the center, curving to the upper right in clock-wise direction

Draw another brush stroke for the counterpart  'leg':

Applying the Color Sobel Edge filter

Open the Filter menu,
> select Convolve, and
> select Color Sobel edge detect.

Tadah!... and voila. Weird, myterious, colorful....

Here are some you can use as screen wallpapers:

Please don't use them in your MySpace or other website unless you download them directly to your own site. Otherwise it'll have the potential of killing our bandwidth.

Well, that's about it. From here on it's just a matter of experimenting with more tools and variations. Here are a few more:

another starting point with different particle settings

Color Sobel Edge filter

Zoom Blur added

Picked up the prior image as custom brush, resampled to double-size from the Brush>Store&manage... tool, and stamped it down over the old at full opacity.

Applied a differemt color gradient, plus Sinoid transform filter, and blended with pre-sinoid through a selection mask with blurred alpha.

Added light diffusion filter and Mystic Vision filter

More about Kirlian Photography:
at Wikipedia


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