you can fly!?

exploring fun things to do with Pixarra's Twistedbrush Pro
and Project Dogwaffle Professional

more PD Pro tutorials

Digital Painting has never been
so much fun: Learn to paint with Particle Brushes!

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A fun companion for your
digital photo image editor!
powered by Project Dogwaffle

Getting started with Digital
Painting on a slim budget:

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powered by Project Dogwaffle

part 1 - getting started with Twisted Brush Pro Studio
part 2 - Saving the image and alpha channel in a single file
part 3 - Loading an image file straight to PD's Custom Brush
part 4 - Loading two images: color and mask into one
part 5 - Discovering new brushes: Kaleidoscope!
part 6 - Painting into an AVI file to record as animation
part 7 - Mandala brush animation with animated multi-frame brushes
part 8 - The animated Brush Timeline edtor

This is a set of tutorials to show some fun explorations and things to do with Twistedbrush and Project Dogwaffle together. In late 2007 or early 2008, Ken Carlino of Pixarra's Twistedbrush added support for Lua scripting. That in itself is reason enough to see what else the two programs have in common, and even more so to see where they are different and can therefore be complementary companions to eachother.
Below are a few examples of something created with the two programs:

PD Pro animation saved as AVI and converted to flash video in SoThink's Flash video converter


more about
Pixarra Twistedbrush

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