you can fly!? Web to Clipboard to Dogwaffle
A few tips and tricks to grab an image from your
web browser straight into Dogwaffle without saving to file.

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Ok, so let's assume you found a very cool image on some website, and you're inspired to do something with it in order to test your special FX skills and play with Dogwaffle's tools. Of course, if you create something new you'd have to get the original image owner's permission to use it especially for commercial purposes, but sometimes even for other reasons, it really varies with each website. Be sure to check their use policy if posted. Or just ask them.
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For example, here's a website with cool images of storms and eclipses and other nature related photography by 'Klipsi', an eclipse and storm chaser from Switzerland. If you're curious you can see them here

Let's say we are going to work with the one along the left column, "mit Blaulicht durch die Nacht", just above "Dances with Penguins"

<<< click to enlarge

After clicking the thumbnail, you may see the large version of the image. Right-click on the image to find the browser option, and select 'Copy' or specifically 'Copy Image' (depends on your browser - This one was done with Firefox 3).

This will copy the image into the Clipboard.

<<< click to enlarge

Next switch to Project Dogwaffle, and select

   menu: Image (or Buffer) > Clipboard > Paste new image  (alt v)

On some versions you may not see this option (e.g. PD Artist). There are other ways to get clipboard images into those)

Since you may experiment with this image number of times, you should store it.

Store the current image:

   menu: Image > Store image...

This will grab a copy from the image buffer and show it in a resizable thumbnail.

Of course, on PD Pro 4 you could also have directly pasted the image from the Clipboard into a stored image thumbnail.

   menu: Image > Clipboard > Paste to stored image...

You can even open an image file from the File menu straight into a stored buffer.

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