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Frame your artwork:

Frame Painter & Cowboy

PD Pro 5.1 has an updated Mouth plugin

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Curvy 3D fast and easy 3D modeling, sculpting, painting, posing for 2D artists

from 2D to 3D in just seconds
now also for
Mac and iPad!

create realistic textured 3D models in seconds
Just trace an outline and see it automagically turn into fully textured 3D shapes for Second Life, Google Sketchup / Google Earth, Direct X & Games, Wavefront OBJ and other popular 3D file formats!

simply trace a shape from a backdrop image, and see it turn into 3D
rapid 3D model creation and prototyping from mere images - for 3D content creation, games, IM Avatars, SL models, 3D illustration in Photoshop(R) and more

HOT!  An updated version
of Frame Painter
is now here!

Here's a closer look at the Frame Painter plugin that's included too with PD Pro 5.1 and that can be launched directly from within the Exposure sheet:

Here's a sample short movie created with it:

there's a snake in my boots

In fact there's more:

Cowboy shorts logo

Cowboy Shorts
Cowboy SHorts, animations created with PD Pro Frame Painter

PD Pro 5.1 TGE
new tools for pattern designs!

take a peek at what's coming with PD Pro 5.1