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what's new in PD Pro 5.1b ?


Beyond PD Pro 5

PD Pro 7.1 is here!

Curvy 3D fast and easy 3D modeling,
                              sculpting, painting, posing for 2D

Version 5.1b notes:

The exposure sheet has been updated. There is information about the project
time and frame rate in the title bar.

The project time is used as the suggested number of frames for a new Frame
Painter session.

When selecting a frame rate in the exposure sheet, there is now the option to
use the rate in the main program too.

The frame rate selector in the main program has been updated cosmetically and
with a "10 fps" option added.

The "Store/manage brush" option under the brush menu has had its panel updated.

Saving an AVI now uses the project frame rate by default.

Frame rate is settable from the anim creation panel.

You can now set the time in seconds for an anim.

The color by name panel is now sizable. Lemon yellow has been tweaked to mix a
better green with pthalo blue.

The following additional panels can now be thumbtacked:

  • Color by name
  • Media Manager
  • Plugin panel

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