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Poser 5


What is Poser?
Mac and PC Conventions
System Requirements
Understanding 3D


Menu Bar
The Studio
Editing Tools
Document Display Styles
Parameters Palette
Properties Palette
Library Palette
Adding to the Library
Animation Controls
Light Controls
Camera Controls
Memory Dots
Hiding/Showing UI Controls
Room Tabs
Setting Preferences

Modifying Elements

Modifying Colors
Replacing Parts
Pointing At

Posing Figures

Inverse Kinematics
Selecting/Naming Figures
Selecting Elements
Choosing a Figure
Auto Balance
Posing Faces Pt 1
Posing Faces Pt 2
Custom Faces
Posing Hands
Saving Poses
Direct Manipulation
Paste onto Background


Using Props
Importing Props


Exporting Poser Items
Importing Images
Importing Video


Conforming Clothes
Clothing Props


Working with Lights
Aiming Lights
Coloring Lights
Light Sets


Camera Controls
Dolly and Roll
Multiple Views
Mini Camera
Depth Cue

Deformers and Dynamics

Collision Detection
Wind Force Fields
Wave Deformers
Morph Putty


Building a Scene Part 1
Building a Scene Part 2
Building a Scene Part 3


Ray Tracing
Motion Blur
Sketch Rendering
Rendering with Firefly
Saving a Still Image
Saving a Movie


The Timeline
The Graph
Animating a Figure
Locking Parts
Chain Break Tool
Fine Tuning Animation
Walk Designer

Poser Rooms

Understanding Nodes
Material Room Part 1
Material Room Part 2
Painting a Custom Texture Part 1
Painting a Custom Texture Part 2
Painting a Custom Texture Part 3
Face Room Part 1
Face Room Part 2
Hair Room Part 1
Hair Room Part 2
Cloth Room Part 1
Cloth Room Part 2
Setup Room Part 1
Content Room

Poser Resources

Web Resources
Other 3D Resources
Texture Resources
Audio Resources


Final Thoughts


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