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  PuppyRay for PD Howler

PD Particles is great for quick
                                    painting, drawing and sketchingPD ArtistPD Howler also supports digital
                                    painting, animation & video, 3D
                                    and visuall effects

Introduction | First Heightmaps | First Steps | Render Options | Starfields | Water Attenuation and Scattering | Summer Splash of Caustics | Darkening with Water | Bumps | Real Fresnel | New in Version 11 | Other Sightings | Playlist on Youtube  | landscapes | 8k resolution | OBJ-Renderer new!


Puppy Ray (aka PuppyRay) is a raytracer, or more technically precise: a ray caster. It is software that is included in PD Artist and PD Howler (with animation). 

The main purpose of Puppy Ray is to render landscapes from a combination of image resources:

  1. the elevation map, found in the Main image. It can be an animation.
  2. the colormap or texture map, found in the underlying Swap image. It can be animated too (stored animation used as animated Swap)
  3. the surrounding Sky map, from multiple presets or a custom sky from the image(s) loaded in a Custom brush. It can be animated,

All of these can be animations: The elevation map can be an animation, the color/texture map can be a stored animation made to act as animated Swap image sequence, and the custom brush can be an animate brush.

You may have seen a number of tutorials an examples of how to use PuppyRay to create fancy renderings of endless terrains. The patch of terrain that is defined by the elevation map is tiled repeatedly until it disappears in the distant fog.

Start here:
First Heightmap: a Grid

A few Rendering options:
First Steps with Puppy Ray

More detailed Look:
Rendering Options

Fun with height maps:
Starfields as Elevation Maps

More realism with water - from the Summer 2017 update:
Water: Attenuation and Scattering

More realism with water - Summer Splash adds Caustics
Water: Caustics with Howler 11.1's Summer Splash

Even more realism with water - Summer Splash adds Real Fresnel  New!
Water: Real Fresnel

Add extra bumps on the landscape for extra interesting details. Now also with Perlin noise for bumps. New!

Want see more? Here is a Playlist with many tutorials and examples from Puppy Ray on YouTube:

Puppy Ray Unleashed

Visit us also in our pdhowler channel on YouTube, such as in the PuppyRay Unleashed playlist, and a variety of tutorials.

Is it Real, or is it Puppy Rayl ?
Is it Real,
              or is it Puppy Rayl ?