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a free tool by Articulate to capture, announce and broadcast your tutorials
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Screenr (probably short for screen-recorder) is a free eLearning tool from Articulate which doesn't need 'installation' but simply runs as a Java applet (ok, alrighty, so it does need installation into the browser).

If you need to quickly create a short movie to document a how-to process, it's a great tool. It does require a Twitter account though (or at least it appears so and strongly seems to want one), which it can use to announce your newest screencasts to your twitter audience. You can also publish it and announce it separately in your own Tweet. But it still seemed to ask me for my Tweeter login and permission to tweet to it some news about screenr - Not a bad idea, but still, that's not for everyone. You've got to decide if you trust that they won't abuse it and start spamming your followers with their own agenda. Let's see and hope they get it right. IMHO there's nothing wrong with giving them some bandwidth in exchange for a cool tool. But it's not a unique tool, not the only way to get the same result. But it sure is handy.

If this appeals to you you'll find this very good for rapidly creating and deploying (!) easy-going tutorials. I think it's a keeper for me.

We have a screencasts created with screenr right here. Enjoy.

  • Getting cozy with a quick screenr button in your browser for immediate action when you need recording while surfing.

This screenr thing is pretty good. It can even be used to record video that's playing on your screen such as in a browser, in this example a Flash video that's embedded and streaming from Kyte (could be YouTube, Cnn live, etc...).

Note that the audio in this example is not very loud, I needed to move the mic a bit closer and increase the volume during playback.... screenr actually shows the mic signal level so you can tell easily if it's way low or going to be too noisy.

Once you've recorded that, you can find it in your collection and download the mp4 recording (h.264 codec).  If you have a Youtube account you can also upload into youtube directly from there.
what to do the minute after your screencast recording is done
Here's a link to the recorded clip hosted at screenr:

the mp4 is not actually at, it's somewhere in the cloud under or who knows where else..... Sh-weet!

I downloaded it through the screenr web interface. Then of  course you can do lots of things with it if you have the right tools, starting with resampling and retiming.

video courtesy of eclipse- and storm-chaser
and film-maker extraordinaire Klipsi

Once you've got the mp4 file, the sky's the limit. You just need a converter such as ffmpeg to turn it into other formats, sizes, etc... Here I used a tool from SoThink to convert  and clip it to a very short segment, and another tool to save to FLV/SWF for streaming in Flash:

This is of course not the final product. The clip shown here is a bit choppy, there's background we don't need (a boat in the upper far right) .... we may want to add motion-blur there too, ....we can extract the frames from the mp4 or convert to AVI. The image sequnce or avi file can load into PD Pro (Project Dogwaffle Professional) for editing, dropping repeated frames, much post-work, including to make it loopable, and a snow-storm, lightning and other special FX. Here are a few steps along that process:

After  isolating the background in an alpha mask and painting a shift-distorted image, and adding motion blur too as well as adding an image sequence with reversal and making it loopable:

and adding snowfall and sunset

the home of screenr is

the home of Articulate is

see a tutorial created with Articulate Engage:
the Plugins Panel
(Filter fun with
PD Particles 1.2)

Rapid 3D Prototyping
Now available for WIn/Mac and iPhone(!)

draw a shape's outline, and see it turn automatically into 3D

simply trace a shape from a backdrop image, and see it turn into 3D
for rapid 3D model creation and prototyping from images