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the Ukulele Tuning Tube

Treat your strings well, teach them to sing
other music

make your Uke sing... in Tune! (artwork created in
              Project Dogwaffle)

taking a dip and a splash
Ukulele Tuning Video
In the beginning, there was... Ruben
UkeTuTu for Windows
(powered by GameMaker)
UkeTuTu Web edition
(just needs a web browser with frames & Flash)

Maybe some day:

Skins: swap the default image with a fancy new one, or take and use a picture of your own Uke!

stay tuned (no pun intended) for more great features!


Take your Ukulele to the next level: create the perfect scene, draw and paint your vision of a fancy landscape, be at peace with your inner artist.

Watch the slideshow and be inspired.

paint the skies and play music - be happy

Uketutu for iPhone:
for Ukulele:
uketutu for iphone and
                              itouch - free ukulele tuning
for Guitar: new!
free tuning app

Ruben De Anda's Original Video:
the original Ukulele Tuning video by
                            Ruben De Anda

Video version with Autoplay & Repeat:

the original Ukulele Tuning video
                            by Ruben De Anda

free web HTML edition -  needs Javascript, Frames and Flash:

UkeTuTu  for Windows
powered by GameMaker

  More Notas:
YouTube Channel by Ruben Deanda - check new videos, subscribe and learn

Ukulele Underground
The forum for the rest of us
it's a small world
Jose Luis Suazo's relaxing Mayan music for the computer age