great tools for happy artists recommends a fabulous modeler that started it all...

french for "I'm happy", are you happy ?

Digital Painting has never been so much fun! only $19!
PD Particles

"I'm n-sided!..."
I'm n-sided!
discover n-sided's
human figure modeling and posing for professional animators

Amapi 3D still is one of my favorite modelers that 'sticks' and is in my blood. It's got a bit of an older graphics pipeline use, but if it works for you it'll be great. YOU MUST USE BOTH HANDS TO REALLY ENJOY MODELING WITH AMAPI.

is Amapi 3D available for Free?
yes! Amapi 5.15 & 6.1 are free!
available for free at
Also shown here:

Direct download links:

Download Amapi 6.1 PC - (size ~97.2 Mb)
Download Amapi 5.15 PC - (size ~25.2 Mb

> Amapi Tutorials at Staigerland many!

> Amapi 4 tutorials

> Amapi 5 tutorials

> Amapi 6 tutorials
from 2D to 3D:
other great modelers for people who love to draw:

Do you like to Sketch and Draw? then Sculpt into 3D! Add displacement map and bump map details, paint and add color on the 3D objects directly!
Curvy 3D

Draw outlines over images, create textured 3D objects.
got some images to turn into 3D?

Try Archipelis

Project Dogwaffle:

Poser 5 &
Carrara 5  &

PD Pro 3.5

Learn Amapi 7.5 Pro
with the tutorial videos

by Marcus Berry
available at VTC

great value!

Amapi Designer 7
now included with Carrara 4 Pro!