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It's a 3D modeling and animating world - and it's free!
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About Anim8or 

This is a very impressive 3D program, created by Steve Glanville. It is free and has remarkable features. It can be used for 3D modeling (creating shapes, objects), character animation, and lots more. It can also be used to render fancy images that you can then use as brushes in PD Howler and many other imaging and media tools.

Need an example? Here is one of our favorite creations we've seen, made with anim8or:

The Ugly Dino, by Davide Maugeri

Learn more about Anim8or here: 

Anim8or & Dogwaffle / PD Pro / Howler


We are exploring ways to use Dogwaffle with Anim8or, as well as using Anim8or with Project Dogwaffle. For example, how to paint textures and map them onto the 3D objects. Or how to create 3D shapes to make new fancy brush images. Or creating animations with anim8or, to then further improve and edit with post work in Dogwaffle. You can also use image sequences from anim8or as animated brushes in PD Howler.

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3rd-Party Anim8or Tutorials

by Steve Glanville (the author of Anim8or):

by The Ultimate Anim8or: Character rigging, advanced stuff

by Ian Roz (Anim8or tutor course)

by Matt Ladwig - Anim8or tutorials

and finally, (drumroll please), last but hopefully not least...

Our Anim8or Tutorials (and Dogwaffle too)

Our own & favorite tutorials in the anim8or channel of on Youtube's pdhowler - see them all here:

Added Nov 2013:

Fun with Animations - Compositing multiple animations, with masks

This tutorial uses PD Howler (Project Dogwaffle v9) to composite two animations. One of them is the spacecraft that was created and animated in Anim8or

Or watch specific videos:

animated brush
From anim8or AVI movie to Dogwaffle animated brush

modeling for a custom brush
Anim8or modeling #1 - to Dogwaffle custom brush

compositing color and alpha
spaceship1 -
compositing color and alpha parts

animated brush
spaceship1 -
brushes for rocket engine exhaust fire

animated brush
How to save an image as BMP for use in Anim8or 

box modeling
box modeling - facets-vertices and subdivision modeling 

animated brush
army of elephants - part1

modeling an elephant
army of elephants - part 2 - Modeling the beast 


Some day -  bases of modeling a simple spaceship:

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