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 If you've used Anime Studio 5 you know this default scene:

and if you render this default scene out to a movie file, it will look like the below: (click the play control to start the animation playback)

Now, let's say you've got a background image such as this sky picture (rendered in Project Dogwaffle) which you'd like to add to the above.

Even better, let's see how to add a movie clip in AVI format or others, i.e. an animated background such as this one: (also created in PD Pro)

It's very easy:  First, look at the Layers panel:  (typically in the lower right corner of the screen)

Click the 'New Layer' icon, and select the 'Image' layer type.

Note: Image layers can hold a single static image of course, but get this: it can also hold a movie file such as an AVI file. Sweet!

The file selection dialog will appear.

Select the desired movie file, such as

animsky1.avi    (640x480, 2MB DivX)

After selecting the image or movie file, the scene will show the newly loaded image layer in front (on 'top') of the prior layer which contains the character

You can easily fix that: Simply click, drag and drop the upper layer to the lower area below the character's layer (who is named Winsor):

After releasing the dragged layer, it will appear in its new lower position, below (behind) Winsor.

And that's all there is to it. Now you can render the default scene in front of your favorite sky background, whether it's a still image from a digital camera photo, or an animated sky from Project Dogwaffle or some 3D rendering tool like Carrara.

And here's the final rendering over the first 72 frames of the default scene's animation:

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