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- So Intuitive!

Hi again,

well, I received the full version of the software at teatime today, created an elephant from a picture I downloaded (it looks amazing), exported it as an .obj file, imported it into Carrara, added bones, animated it, rendered it and still had time to go out for bowling and pizza with my family! This is the shallowest learning curve I have ever come across apart from maybe Minesweeper.

Unlike the textures with the example files from the demo, the .obj file texture mapped perfectly with no help from me.

My company, Snazz Reality (based in Manchester UK) is currently working on a series of videos for a Local Education Authority which will include animated characters designed by school children and guess what software we are going to use to bring these characters into 3d?

I'm very excited :)

Snazz Reality, Manchester/UK
April 2006