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   Artist edition of
                                            Project Dogwaffle

Fast & affordable Digital Painting - powered by Project Dogwaffle

                                  and visual effectsjust Paint the music of Project Dogwaffle

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Beyond the paint program:

  PD Artist 2024 (v17) - built from PD Howler 2024-

still also available:

  PD Artist 2023 (v16)

The above link takes you to the general info pages of the 2023 releases of Project Dogwaffle. It describes PD Howler. The Artist edition is simply a subset of the complete (Howler) edition

PD Howler vs. PD Artist

What is PD Artist?

earlier releases:

PD Artist 2022 (v15)

Note: the above link takes you to the documentation of the Howler edition.

The Artist edition is a subset of the Howler edition, whereby you simply won't have the animation or video tools but all other things like Filters for still images and brushes, paint tools, etc...  If you want everything, if you want it all, then get the Howler edition. if you are on tight budget and want to start lighter or focus just on painting and imaging, use the Artist edition. You can upgrade later if desired.


PD Artist 2021 (v14)


Slideshow of PD Howler & PS Artist artwork created over the many years:


Old but not forgotten:

Now even more affordable

the 2020 editions:

PD Artist 2020 (v13)