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illusion of animated fire made with Magc particles

fireworks created in Magic Particles

where there's smoke there's fire

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Magic Particles is a particle editor which is used for creating special effects. Fire, smoke, explosions, fireworks, waterfalls, a burning candle light, a jet of hot steam, and a sheer unlimited number of imaginary, animated shapes and color forms can easily be created, tweaked and tuned to your liking - these are some of the many possibilities, created immitations of natural or surreal phenomenas which are composed of large amounts of particles, moving under defined rules of behaviour.

Using Magic Particles
,  you can adjust the parameters which are already set and make adjustments, which will immediately be displayed on the screen, in real time! The main advantage of Magic Particles is an instantaneous display of all adjustments without any delay in the process of visualization. What that means for you is that you can immediately see whether the changes you make are resulting in the desired effect. Working with Magic Particles can be very fast and efficient.

A number of sample presets for various popular effects are included in the storage area of Magic Particles. These
may be used without changes, or they may be adjusted according to your requirements to create even more sophisticated results.

The program has a wide range of export capabilities in popular formats for interchange with other applications, including AVI, Targa, PNG and more, to ensure saving work results in the form of a numbered sequence of frames or a video file with your favorite codec. There is also an additional capability of frame-by-frame export in ptf format, used for integration  of the (Dev) edition (for developers) to integrate the particles into other programs such as games.

Magic Particles (Dev) can be used for developing programs, which use special effects. This is especially related to game programs. To transfer special effects from Magic Particles (Dev) into a user's program, a software developing kit (SDK) has been developed to provide the following performance capabilities:

1. An engine for working with related ptc-files to Magic Particles (Dev)
2. A mechanism of frame-by-frame import of special effects
3. In addition to SDK is described a structure of ptf file.  

Here are some of the topics covered in the Help file, the manual included with the program. (Note that some of the features apply only to the (Dev) versions, for developers to integrate into games and other applications.

· Emitter, Particle Type and Folder  
· Interface possibilities  
· Scene  
· Diagrams (general information)  
· Diagrams of emitters  
· Diagrams of Particle Type  
· Texture  
· Storage  
· Color  
· Emitter parameters  
· Export  

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