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powered by Project Dogwaffle

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Caligari/TrueSpace was acquired by Microsoft in 2008.

TrueSpace 7.6
is now free!
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into 3D: draw a shape, and see it
automatically turn it into 3D
simply trace a shape from a backdrop image, and see it turn into 3D
cool tool for rapid 3D model creation and prototyping from images

Product Overview

artwork by Kenneth Lehtinen

artwork by Andrew Moffitt

Plus, it works great with Project Dogwaffle as an imaging / painting tool for your uv maps, backdrops and for post work. See tutorials that use Dogwaffle with TrueSpace.

trueSpace5.2 also features Key Frame Editor enhancements for better control of the animation process.

TS5 Nurbs Handles
Modeling with Nurbs:
control handles!

3D Paint
Advanced Surfacing:
3D Paint!

great rendering
Physically Accurate Rendering!
image by
Martin Løvvold

rendering of NURBS sculpture

Facial Animator ....  say What !?

Various aspects of the 3D scene can be animated, including subdivision surfaces and Nurbs surfaces through their control handles. Even materials can be animated!
animated materials
Single layer animation of procedural color

trueSpace5.2 includes a very cool Facial Animator tool that generates animated human facial muscle movements directly from speech or text input using high level animation controls. With  improved head model and a new editing interface, resulting in more realism. There's also added Subdivision Surface support for the heads!

more animation features
Subdivision and NURBS surface are animatable

By Stan Slaughter By Kary Ohman By Stan Slaughter By Saul Greenberg

System Requirements

tS5.2 System Requirements: Windows 98, ME, 2000 or XP. Will not install on Win NT4On Win 95  "MS Speech" will be disabled. Microsoft DirectX7 or higher

User Interface

There are a lot of new features which were introduced with trueSpace 5 - including workflow enhancements in the user interface.

Learn everything about TrueSpace's user interface  here

modeling with NURBS

Do More with Companion Tools

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There are numerous plugins and standalone products available for free download or purchase to enrich and enhance the TrueSpace environment.

See a number of links to Plugins and other resources in the Resources page.

Example:  Painting Foliage with Project Dogwaffle

Project Dogwaffle is a PC paint and animation program. Using the Optipustics particle brushes, you can paint realistic grass, shrubs and other foliage, even animated waterfalls and fireworks, to use as part of a 3D scene rendering by mapping the created textures onto rectangular polygons acting as billboards.

Grass painted in Project Dogwaffle, including the lens flares.

Here's an example of putting it all together: Using a seamless texture for the ground floor, and trees by DigArts as well as tufts of grass from PD Pro.

Example:  Trees and Textures by DigArts

DigArts makes excellent collections of trees and shrubbery for painting and 3D compositions. Try the free samples, buy the complete sets.

sample from DigArts free trees

rendering of simple 3D scene with
billboard trees properly casting shadows

Paint simple tufts of
grass in seconds!

use PD Pro 3.5 to also
generate Alpha on-the-fly

click for full size seamless texture
(2048x2048 Jpeg)

red tricycle and trees and tufts

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