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3D Text, Logos, Titles


With a complete 3D solution like Carrara Studio 3 and beyond you can easily create fascinating animated 3D logos and tiotles that would be difficult or very  time consuming to create with only 2D tools.

You can combine 3D glovbes and any number imaginable flying and spinning objects with 3D text that is affected by behaviour through an object mopdifier for example. In this case: spin the globe, and spin the text in opposite direction.

The text was also bent around a circle with another modifier before starting to spin it. It's that easy.

Creating a 3D text in Carrara is easy. Just insert a new Text item from the Insert menu, or even better: use the shortcut icon - drag and drop it straight into your scene's 3D view.
Carrara will switch to the model room upon inserting a new Text object or the text tool of Carrara
                Studio 3when you double-click an existing object. The Text editor is then show. 

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There is tremendous power in such a 3D text tool, as you can use your own fonts loaded with glyphs which Carrara will turn into 3D objects. This is a common technique in fact for making a vector logo outline curve into an extruded and beveled 3D logo. You just need to find a way to make your logo file into a TTF (truetype font) glyph file.

adding fabrics,
                shaders, textures...
After creating the 3D shape with the Text tool, it's typically a good time to set it's colorful apperance. There are numerous predefined shaders available, and of course many more can be created by modifying a basic one for starters.

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Here's an example: All pure render in Carrara Studio 3, no post work.     >
                stunning 3D titles and logos