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       Carrara Studio 3:

the free Handbook

written by Mike de la Flor / Published by Charles River Media
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April 2, 2006 -- SORRY: 

if you can find it in stores or online we recommend it highly.
There are probably only a few dozens left.
If you are going for Carrara 5 get the new book, the Carrara 5 Handbook, by the same author (Mike delaFlor)

This handbook covers many aspects of 3D modeling, bone rigging, rendering and
animating with Carrara Studio 3. It is a great way to learn and do more. It includes a CD with demo versions of Carrara, Amapi and other software, including a freeware version of Project Dogwaffle

Published in December 2003,
this handbook originally sold for $49.95!

For a detailed description of the book's content, visit the CRM website!

We have a limited number of handbooks and are offering them for free to you, while supplies last, when you purchase Carrara Studio 3 from us. Or even if you don't.
Simply send us a self-addressed, stamped envelope with enough postage to send you the book. Make sure the return envelope is a letter-sized envelope 11x8.5 inches in size and can carry a 440-page book (about 1.2 inches or 3 cm thick).
Something like those large, padded (air bubbled?) envelopes should work well. The book weighs about 2+1/2 pounds or 1.3 kg. Please make sure there's enough postage on your self-addressed and stamped return envelope to cover all that. In the US you should be able to use Priority mail Flat rate envelopes for about $4 or thereabouts. You can also just send us $4 in an envelope and email me your address. But be sure to email me first, to check if there's any books left. We also can accept funds for postage through paypal.

Note to International readers (outside of the USA) : We can send you a free Carrara Studio 3 handbook if you pay by PayPal - contact us first by email for payment options and details - It appears that there is an option for global priority mail (GPM) up to 4 pounds of weight in the large envelope format, flat rate, at about $9 USD.  Canada and Mexico slightly cheaper at slightly over $7.

What if I didn't buy Carrara Studio 3 here?

that's ok, no problem.  You're curious about 3D, so there.

If you don't have any version of Carrara, perhaps you'll discover through the demo version which is on the book's CD how great this software is, and you'll decide to purchase the full version, perhaps even upgrade to the latest version.

Book Details for shipping cost:

 - approximately 7.5 x 9.5 x 1.2 inches
  (or 19 x 24 x 3 cm)
 - approximately 2.5 pounds.

Book Content Summary

Chapter 1 - 3D Modeling - Concepts and Techniques
Chapter 2 - 3D Texturing - Mapping Techniques
Chapter 3 - 3D Animation - Making things Move
Chapter 4 - Exploring the Carrara Studio Workspace
Chapter 5 - Working in the Assemble Room
Chapter 6 - Building Shaders in the Texture Room
Chapter 7 - The Carrara Studio Modeling Rooms
Chapter 8 - Rendering Scenes and Animations
Chapter 9 - Building Models with the Spline Modeler
Chapter 10 - Organic Modeling with the Vertex Modeler
Chapter 11 - Modeling with Metaballs
Chapter 12 - Creating Environmental Scenes
Chapter 13 - Texturing with Carrara Studio
Chapter 14 - Character Animation
Chapter 15 - Animation Special Effects
Chapter 16 - Advanced Rendering with Carrara Studio
Chapter 17 - Carrara Studio Plugins

Also includes a CD-ROM with dozens of 3D models from Digimation and DAZ3D,   Dosch Designs HDRI probes, scene samples from the chapters, User gallery, Demos for Digital Carvers Guild plugins, Ultimate Unwrap, Creature Creator, uv Mapper,  and Project Dogwaffle, Silver Wings Aircraft
3D models, ...

From 2D drawing & Sketching to 3D Sculpting!


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