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An amazing value for creative artists

you don't have to go broke just to become an artist

PD Pro -
                          Artist edition - just paint!
 PD Pro, Howler edition - paint and

watch me howl on youtube Tweet woof howl waffle!


The Cool Creative Bundle is

currently no longer available.

If you are interested in upgrading Dogwaffle 8 or earlier versions

to the latest PD Howler, please contact us to request your discount coupon.

CoolCreativeBundle is absolutely superb!
I can't believe my eyes. Itīs like walking in an artist's paradise. There is no limit. I will have to spend some time learning new stuff, but itīs very, very wonderful.

Thanks for making these cool programs available, as indeed I would not be able to afford them in full price.

Have a good day
Koos Stenger
(visit the Dutch part of the website for more graphics including cartoons for kids, photos and bible studies related material)

Indeed, it's that simple:

For just $59, you get $650+ worth of software and content
(graphics and royalty-free music!).

And we donate parts of the proceeds to charities.

Fully legit, fully supported, fully upgradable!

fully awesome

For example, it now includes PD Pro 8.2d(!) ... you can upgrade to PD Pro 9 (Howler edition or PD Artist edition) - simply ask for a discount coupon to upgrade!

Plus: it includes Curvy 1.6, upgrade to Curvy 3D v3 or whatever the latest, for Mac or Windows

In some cases, you actually get the current latest version. For example: Archipelis Designer - now version 4. And it's cheaper here in the bundle than when you buy it separately!

starving artit? cool creative bundle to
                            the rescue
learn more: click image to go to

The Cool Creative Bundle includes digital painting tools, texture creation tools, royalty-free music, 3D modeling and sculpting tools and automatic painting tools.... even Photoshop(R) plugins!
  • Curvy 3D 1.6
  • Archipelis Designer 4 (3D rapid prototyping)
  • Project Dogwaffle PD Howler 8 - Digital Painting, Animation, 3D
  • Texture Anarchy
  • Pixelan AnyFX for PD
  • Pixarra Twistedbrush Pro Studio
  • Genetica 3.0 Basic (Texturing)
  • DJ d'Artgnan (Trance/Electronica royalty-free music)
  • Mediachance Dynamic Auto Painter
Visit  for more details!

Part of the proceeds from these sales are donated to charities (Red Cross, Institut Pasteur).

Here is more user feedback and testimonial:

Thanks for not forgetting the rest of us!
I just wanted to write you and tell you that I love your new Cool Creative This is such a terrific bargain and value. I'm already saving up to purchase it in the, hopefully, not too distant future.

Thanks again for looking out for those of us who live on a limited budget. Most other firms, as you know, forget us. I have been impressed over the years to see that you and Dan do not. Thanks for being good human beings as well as good businessmen with a fabulous product.

Tom Fields
Mansfield, Ohio

Pierre Fontaine
Illustration, Animation, Paper Model design
I recently purchased a new Asus netbook that has a graphics co-processor and I really wanted to be able to run Curvy 3D and Archipelis once again.  I saw that you were offering this new bundle on your website and realized that it really was an enormously good bargain. I'm very happy to say that I have been able to install all the software and there are so many cool tools to play with that I'll be a very busy and happy user for many months to come.  The bundle is a fantastic bargain, even if I already own PDPro.  The other software really offers a number of fantastic options for creating art.

I'll keep you informed as I create some new artwork with all my new toys and I'll see where I can give the bundle a positive shout-out.

Thanks again,

Pierre Fontaine
Illustration, Animation, Paper Model design


Stay tuned for more feedback & testimonials!

PD Howler 9.5

 is here!

What is inside the Cool Creative Bundle?
Project Dogwaffle
Professional digital painting & animation
PD Pro 8.2d!
AnyFX for PD
FX & tools for video

new version 3!
rapid 3D modeling
Curvy3D v1.6
3D sculpting & design
Dynamic Auto-Painter
turn your computer into an artist
DJ d'Artagnan
DJ electronica music
royalty-free beats
Pro Studio

digital painting
Genetica 3.0 Basic
texture creation tool
digital anarchy's
Texture Anarchy
Photoshop filters

If you think Cool Creative Bundle is the greatest thing since sliced bread!

You can help other artists by spreading the word about CCB (Cool Creative Bundle).

on your facebook wall, in you tweets, on forums and discussion groups, or if you have a website or blog please use the following graphic. You can certainly also make your own, with your review or comments, etc... ;-)  Thanks for helping!





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