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Sea King
Speed Sculpting of a Sea Creature

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Welcome to the King of the Seas. This Sea King was a self-imposed speed sculpting challenge by Simon, the author of Curvy 3D himself, to quickly create a sea creature for use in a monthly Bryce rendering contest at Come back regularly to find new tutorials related to this project.

The initial sketch (on paper) took about 30 minutes. The work in Curvy 3D took slightly over an hour. Overall, it was completed in well under 2 hours.

For starters, here's a screen capture of the whole sculpting process. Don't worry, you won't need 2 hours. We have condensed this into a rapid timelapse movie, it will take just around 4 minutes to view.

Next, we will take a look at some of the many tools and steps involved in making such a project come to completion, such as loading a background reference image (the initial sketch), and merging simple pieces of body parts into more complex items....

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Below are a few more rendered images for your viewing pleasure, done in Bryce, Carrara and others, where the Sea King model was imported after exporting it from Curvy 3D as an OBJ file.

Test Render after applying materials in Bryce 5.5

Sea King render test in Bryce

Final render in Bryce 5.5 for Renderosity contest:

sea king rendered in bryce

Test render in Carrara 8:

3D Sea King rendred in Carrara 8

Sea King
The Head

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