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Sea Monster
a look at a few of the key steps in making the seamonster. What tools to use, what tricks to exploit, etc...

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You may have seen the Seamonster timelapse and wondered how to tackle it, i.e. how to do some of the steps shown in there. Here we'll discuss some of the steps and tools used.

Here's an example of a similar creature, in an early phase and thus a little less deteailed or advanced, but with bones to change the mouth opening.

For starters, if you've never seen it, be sure to view this page in the official forum, and the original timelapse:

Here are some of the skills and techniques you'll want to learn. Not all things shown below are actually used in the above timelapse, but they'll all be useful to know and to master so you can create your own collection of scary monsters:

Seamonster tutorials
Adding Details
Adding Curves
Pulling Teeth

Beginner Tutorials
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