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Like most programs, Curvy 3D has its share of keyboard shortcuts and accelerators. The more you learn to use these features, the better and quicker you'll feel right at home with Curvy. We highly recommend you explore these shortcuts and techniques they're meant for.

Here's a quick look at one of the threads on the Curvy forum that lists important shortcuts:

And here's a brief snapshot of what it contains (as of early July 2010 - this list may be updated, so be sure to visit the above link to the forum regularly to learn of new features).

Hold Ctrl to Switch from Paint Brush to Dropper tool

Use Right mouse to access opposite tools when using Warp Brushes (eg: Warp inflate swaps to warp deflate)

Modifier Keys: Hold Shift, Ctrl, and Shift+Ctrl to access different edit modes (eg: Transform and Widget Transform tools - watch the cursor change to see the different tools as you hold down the modifier keys)

Function Keys = Toggle Panel Visibility
F7 = Toggle Groups&Layers Panels

Delete = Delete Selected
Ctrl-Z = Undo
Tab = Toggle All Panels (Quick Hide)
B = Cycle Paint Tools
D = Cycle Draw Tools
V = Cycle View Tools
T = Cycle Transform Tools
E = Select Tool
W = Cycle Widget Tools
G = Cycle Warp Tools
C = Cycle Create Tools

M = Make Lathe Symmetrical
L = Make a mirror image of this whole object on opposite side of scene

S = Smooth mesh or curve
Shift+S = Super Smooth mesh or curvy (10x speed!)

Number Keys 1234567890 = Pick paint intensity & Widget tool scale, 0% to 100%

Now, let's take a closer look at some of these.

more shortcuts:
Switch to Colorpicker



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