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Warp Noise, Warp Smooth

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Here's a tool that can be used to add or remove noise to or from a model. This isn't meant for just the whole object: it's localized to where you brush over. It's the Warp Smooth tool, and its counterpart, Warp Noise.

Like other Warp tools, you'll find the Warp Smooth tool in the second row of icons in the Tools panel.

If you click and hold the icon, the subtools menu also shows the alternate, the counterpart to Warp Smooth: Warp Noice.

Converting to Mesh format

If your model is still based on construction curves, some of the tools for warping such as these Warp smooth and Warp noise tools won't be able to proceed, unless you first convert the model to a mesh format.

We strongly recommend that you first save your original model to keep it in curve format as well in case you need to get back to that original. You could also at least make a duplicate copy of it before continuing with the conversion to mesh format. Use Control+C and Control+V to copy and paste the currently selected object, and shortcut H to hide it, then select the original again and proceed.

Warp Size

When you use a warp tool, they will associate a sphere of 'influence' with it, attached to the cursor. The size of the sphere of influence can be set with the first tool in the row: Warp Size
 After selecting this option, click and drag somewhere in the view, anywhere, to resize the sphere.

Be sure to switch back to the desired tool: Warp Smooth, or Warp Noise, or whichever. Otherwise you'll still be in the Warp Size tool. There is a better way, a faster way: using keyboard shortcuts that act as temporary modifiers of the tool in use.

Usign Modifier Shortcut Keys

Like with many other tools, while you have a tool selected, some of its closest relatives, i.e. counterparts and ad-hoc helper tools are easily selectable with modifier keyboard shortcuts, such as the SHIFT or the CONTROL key, in some cases even with both together. It's a temorary toggle to switch to another useful tool in the current context, and automagically switch back to the prior tool thereafter. While you press and hold a modifier, such as the Control key, or the Shift key, the cursor will temporarily change to that of another tool, and the Tools panel also shows a different icon as active, until you release the modifier key.

For example, select the Warp Noise tool, and press and hold Shift, then Control:

Current Tool: Warp Noise    - cursor:

With Shift Key: Warp Smooth - cursor:

With Control key: Warp Size - cursor:  

Here's another look at it. Notice how the Tools panel shows a different icon as the active tool while pressing the Shift or Control key.

No key down: Warp Noise (current tool)

SHIFT key down: Warp Smooth

CONTROL key down: Warp Size

In some other cases you might even see yet another temporary tool accessible by combining more than one modifier keys, such as Shift and Control keys held down at the same time.

So here's a general recommendation: while you're new to Curvy 3D and you're learning and exploring its tools and interface options, experiment with any new tool and try the modifier keys, to see what comes up. You may be surprised how these little secrets will speed up your workflow! Many of the Warp tools use Warp-smooth with the Shift modifier, so that if you overdo the intended effect of the current tool, you can fine tune and correct it easily without another roundtrip to the interface in the Tools panel.

Alright, now let's get back to what these tools do. Here's a short animation of using Warp Noise.

One brush stroke with Warp Noise:

Here's another example, for Warp Smooth.

Brushing over the mesh with Warp Smooth:

And here's yet another, using a combination of them all.

It's both fun and amazing what you can create with just these two tools: Warp smooth and warp noise.

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