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Pixelan AnyFX PD - the powerful video filters

a collection of video tools and effects filters from Pixelan

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Pixelan AnyFX PD - the powerful video filters
Pixelan is one of the longest established (since 1996) visual effects plug-in providers in the world. "AnyFX for Dogwaffle" is a GPU-accelerated affordable effects engine for Dogwaffle users. With a simple but powerful interface, you can apply a large collection of terrific effects, such as 200+ adjustable film looks. It also includes beautiful blurs with adjustable blending modes and blur sizing. Create soft and dreamy effects, light rays, fogs, depth of field changes, rain or snow, and many other effects.

AnyFX™ is a hardware-accelerated effects engine that combines Pixelan's long experience in video effects with the power of modern graphic cards. Thus in one affordable plug-in with a simple and intuitive interface you get access to a large (and growing) collection of terrific effects which run real-time (or near-real-time) on most graphic cards -- even for very complex effects.

The version made for Project Dogwaffle normally sells for $24

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Special pricing promo
announced in July, 2011
for a limited time, AnyFX for PD is offered for
 just $19
about a 20% savings!

Normal pricing:  $24

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You'll find AnyFX for Dogwaffle and other popular video authoring tools.

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Examples and Tutorials
Here are some videos we've created that show Pixelan's AnyFX PD working with Project Dogwaffle:

There are many more example videos on youtube.

The top AnyFX filters that people talk about are the film looks in the FilmTouch Pack and the very fast blurs.

Examples of the blurs are at

and all of  the film look preset examples are accessed via

also on the main Dogwaffle landing page of

The makers of AnyFX suggest the following focus for a first look...

- Gradual filters - many filters allow you to control the effect power within the frame.

- Blending modes - most blurs have a version with a blending, that
greatly expand the range of possible effects.

- Dynamic effects for animations.

- Soft transitions.

- And 200 professional presets for popular film and video looks.

Some galleries for our blur/blending filters are here: