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a plugin by Manuel Zander, France

What is Copy-Shape?

Copy Shape is a free plugin which offers quick tools to make new geometric and send them to the custom brush system of PD Pro or Dogwaffle (and other paint and animation programs too).

For more info visit Manuel Zander's website to see the collection of all his programs:

This is the demo version of a more sophisticated full commercial yet still very affordably priced version. It is shown and hosted here with permission by the author, Manuel Zander. Manuel is the author of many delightful tools that assist in making custom brushes for various programs. In fact, some of these tools were used in the making of Cybersign's brushsets by Martin Duerr.
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Launching the Program

The program can be started before Dogwaffle, but when it's time to send your creation to Dogwaffle as a brush (by clicking "New Brush" in the Dogwaffle group), it will try to connect to Dogwaffle and if it fails it will remind you that you should first start Dogwaffle.

The filename was changed from the original to include "_pb.exe" at the end. This makes it eligible to be recognized by Dogwaffle as a Brush-related plugin, and thus it will appear in the list of brush plugins. Hit 'k' to see the list of killer plugins. Then select the Brush tab. Or select the tab directly through the brush menu:

menu:  Brush > Brush plugin...

This assumes of course that you placed a copy of this plugin into the folder where Dogwaffle is installed (e.g. in "C:\Program Files\PD Pro"  or  "C:\Program Files\project dogwaffle" depending on which version you have).

Using the Program

After double-clicking the program from the plugin panel to launch it, a Windows like the one to the left will appear. (click the image for original full sized view.)

In this example we started from a Leaf shape and changed the Shape parameters to get to this exotic plant's leaf shape. We then clicked "New Brush" in the PD Pro section, and that was all that's needed to send it into the Dogwaffle custom brush system and make Dogwaffle use the brush. We then pressed "F2" in order to use it in matte mode, so that random color and other effects could be added.

Some of the drawing tests are shown under the plugin's window in the Main buffer.

Getting and Installing the Program

Ok, so we went in reverse order with this whole thing. Oh well...

If you're into making your own collection of brushes, this is a great tool and you will undoubtedly want to consider purchasing the full version which doesn't have the limitations, such as size of brush image, ability to save to the Presets, and more.
Download it here:
size: 274 KB (281,424 bytes)

copyright (c) Manuel Zander,  Trionix, France - all rights reserved
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