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cool tools make me happy - I'm an artist!PD Pro Digital Painter & Project Dogwaffle:
2D Animations & Post FX

Video and CG Animations, enhanced with Project Dogwaffle

Post FX   -  Traditional  -  More PostFX


Post work and Special FX
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The Wright Brothers reach the Canyonlands

Got Game?

Like to crash your airplanes in your simulator? Take it a step further, embellish the screen snapshot and turn it into an impressive animation! - learn how

Got Carrara?

Doing post work on Jack Whitney's 3D  Carrara animation: tutorials and more animations - click here

Got Bryce?

take it even further. Just a few examples of stills and animations: show me how

From Still Image to dramatic animation:
Animated Sky
(click to toggle animation)
Animated Sky with Rainfall
(click to toggle animation)

AVI movie file with xvid encoder:
AVI movie file with xvid encoder:

original still image
(click image to enlarge)

courtesy of Klipsi

More CG post work examples, click here:  Dino

Animated Brushes painted on animated background:

Animated Texture
on 3D
Lava Flow

click image to view

Traditional 2D Animation:

Bird Ball

a short animation created by Dan Ritchie,
the author of Project Dogwaffle.

decorator by dalemation You can make traditional 2D animations, use a Light table (or Onion skins) to see the prior and next 2 frames too.

[walking Decorator animation
courtesy of Dalemation]

Great for traditional animation.

You can also load a few images into a single brush, called animated brush, and then draw the frames along a path.  [more]
   The Stroke Player combined with Fractal Particle brush (Optipustics) can create waterfalls, fountains, fireworks...

  More Post work and Special FX

Why apply your post processing filters as you render your frames, when you only get one chance to make it look good.  In many 3D programs that would be with image filters or Render effects.

With the Dogwaffles timeline plugin, you can apply a number of filters to an image sequence just like you would apply them to a still image in a traditional image editing program.  PD Pro and Project Dogwaffle have a number of tools for color and value adjustment, blur, film grain, and a bunch of others, as well as a rubust 2d animation system.

mystic vision effect
changing contrast, brightness, adding mystic vision...
As seen in Doggybag #2's announcement and presentation, it is possible to import AVI files of movies and animations. These can be enhanced and modified with filters from the timeline editor.

Click the image at left to see an example.

Using Dogwaffle 1.6 or beyond, you can work with AVI files containing CG animations or video footage, to apply special effects by filters. You can of course also paint directly on each frame, or a sequence of frames, either directly or through the sophisticated Stroke player which lets you replay new brushes and effects over any given (most recently drawn) stroke move.

Here is an example. This short animation was created with Eovia's Carrara Studio 3, and includes lightcones on spot lights attached to the astronaut's MMU.
Mystic Vision
For this clip we simply applied the Mystic vision filtrer. The position of the center can be entered manually or by simply clicking the area desired in the preview.
play: mysticvision
Sobel Edge Detect
A simple Sobel Edge Detection was used on this one, working from the original

play: sobeledge
The Transform filters were applied here with varying parameters over time to move, scale and rotate the clip from the original

play: transform
Video Lines
Another effect which is useful on Sci-Fi special FX is the video lines. Imagine this texture mapped back on a console.

play: videolines
The ghosting effect is currently the only filter which renders backward. It creates a trail of ghost images. In this example we used 12 images in the trail.

play: ghost12
Value Noise
Everybody knows that occasionally a solar flare or intergalactic energy burst next to a worm hole will interfere with your comm system. Good thing we can simulate that noise effect. This is just one of several choices and types of noise filters.

play: valuenoise

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