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Project Dogwaffle:

It's Everywhere!

your mission: "to boldly go where no pixel has gone before..."

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Project Dogwaffle can be used just about anywhere a pixel can be seen:

See what's possible...


Here are some cool things you can do with Project Dogwaffle.  Also check what's cool! and see more examples at the Dogwaffler of the Moment
Under the Influence

painting with animated particles under a force fields

Cool video fx animations!
too cool - video animations by Dogwaffle
click to view
Post-FX on Animation (Carrara)

click image to toggle animation
to view the tutorials, click here

Post-Anim on 3D (Bryce)

"Traffic" evolved...
Postwork on Screen captures
post work over FS9 flightsim crash of V747
Animations &
video Post FX
Gertrudis Pro
Gertrudis and Dogwaffle in perfect Harmony

Abstract Textures
Illustration & Filter FX
Nature Painting
Text, Titling & Logos

Are you a Dogwaffler? Do you have great examples to add to these or new categories?
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