Dogwaffler of the Moment - October 2005
Avishek Sen Gupta
Sketches & Concept Art

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My name is Avishek Sen Gupta and I am a Dogwaffler living in Bangalore, India. I love to draw concept art, perhaps some day I'll get into game art design.

I discovered Project Dogwaffle a while back when doing a search for natural paint tools on Google.  A link to this program came up amongst many others. I went to try them all, including this one with the enigmatic name.

Boy was I in for a surprise.

I feel that Project Dogwaffle has an amazingly easy learning curve. It's the only natural paint program that I got proficient with in the fastest possible time simply by experimenting!
(and like I said I tried a few others)

Most of the images you see here are from my uses of the freeware version 1.2 of Dogwaffle.
I have since upgraded to the full PD Pro (3.2) and never looked back.

 If you can't afford anything, try the free version, and with your first paying work get the latest full version or at least v2. It's worth every penny.


A Guardian Mage

I also do some landscape painting and fantasy castle scenes...

Crystal Fire

But my favorite is to draw and sketch people,
enigmatic characters,
faceless fighters
 and superheroes.

              ....... Guardian and Sun

Guard Brood

  < click image for larger version
Guard confronts Invader                                                

Jade holding Vigil under the Moon

Rain and Guards

You can see more of my artwork at

My additional sketches with pencil on paper can be found in my Elfwood gallery. Thanks for looking.

all images shown here are copyright (c) 2005 Avishek Sen Gupta, or their respective owner(s), all rights reserved.  Unauthorized use or duplication is not allowed.  Please contact the owner if you are interested in using the artwork for any purpose, whether personal or commercial.