"the calm before the storm"

Frank Rodgers

Dogwaffler of the Moment
March 2004

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My name is Frank Rodgers and I'm 65 (in 2005). I started painting with oils in 1987 and took to it like a duck to water. I began teaching in '89 my own technique and taught for almost six years.

I love what Dogwaffle allows me to do for foliage and shrubbery with the particle brushes. It's fun, and fascinating.

Flowery Bush
Flowery Bush
Trees and Brushes
Trees and Brushes
Nighttime beauty
Nighttime Beauty
Nature's Mirror
Nature's Mirror

Fall Reflections
Fall Reflections

Of course I also still paint 'for real' on canvas or for example on walls for mural work:

Here are a few pictures of a mural I just finished in my site for me.
The mural itself is, 45" x 35" and was painted in acrylics on a wall in the entrance of a new building here in Pembroke, Ontario. The first photo shows the first days progress as I blocked and roughed it in. The second is the finished mural. Some 60 odd hours later.
The photos really doesn't do it justice. As it depicts a very bright and sunny day at a seaside resort. One would have to view it  in real to get the value of the colors, details and mood.

In 1999 I worked for four months, using acrylics, with renowned mural artist Pierre Hardy (www.hardyart.com). The mural, "Marching Toward The Millennium" covers the entire length of the Giant Tiger building in downtown, Pembroke, Ontario, where I live. It is 264 feet long and tells the story of the development of Pembroke since 1828. It has the life size figures and portraits of 220 people, both living and dead.

It's an incredible mural and draws tourist from all over to view it:- along with the other six murals Pierre has done here in Pembroke. I have since worked on five other murals with Pierre and we have become great friends.

Caterpillar on the wall
"Caterpillar on the Wall"
Flower Pot I've only had a computer for a year now and have little knowledge of how to use one. I'm learning as I go when using "Dogwaffle" and I'm sure I'm only using about 10% of what this program can do. But, it's great fun and I just love. Though it's a little different using a mouse as a paint brush and I find it restricts me in my usual flare with paint strokes. I'll have to give a tablet a try.

Thanks again, I remain,

Frank Rodgers
The Neighbour's Windows
"The Neighbour's Window"
Early Mountain Mist
"Early Mountain Mist"

I did this one in about two minutes flat. It's not very detailed but there's something about it that catches the eye.

I call it,"
Early Mountain Mist".

I've called this one,
Fog On The Tenth Fairway.
It is as close as I remember it last spring as the fog was lifting of the tenth hole, at the Petawawa Golf Course. It was so thick that morning we had a two hour delay before we could tee off. And that, in golf, is a crying shame. lol.
Fog on the 10th Fairway
"Fog on the 10th Fairway"
Island Waterfall
"Island Waterfall"

A waterfall on some exotic island...

Trout Stream

      This is done with loving memories of a spot my son Paul and I used to fish years ago called, Bisette's Creek, in eastern Ontario.
Trout Stream
"Trout Stream"

Winter Reflections
"Winter Reflections"
Winter Reflections

A small inlet on Mud Lake,  just outside Pembroke, where my son Paul and me enjoyed a lot of duck hunting.

read the Mini-tutorial
Deviding Waterfalls

New!  added Aug.2004:

Tropical Island Beach

Mini Tutorial:
Some Thoughts and Tips on using Particle Brushes

 Just a few words about the settings for the background trees in my painting, Winter Reflections. They are from top to bottom....
Maximum Particles          50
Paricles per emission        1
Mass                             0.5
Gravity                          1.4
Inital Velocity                 5
Terminal velocity             9
Drag                             0
Life Span                       3
Split                             6
Split Angle                    25
Randomize Values by      0.2
This is a fun brush and to get even a better effects and change of color,  just move the Gradiant index over one click to your right. As it should be as far to the left as possible with these setting.
<>When you change the color draw over the exact same pattern of branch that you put in black. Great effect, as it gives not only light and color to the tree but life.

settings for winter brushes

As you will see, changing the color and repeating the coverage gave the trees some life. Then, I lowered the tree pattern and brought  what looks like brush or bush forward, which gave it a nice effect. I used "smear" to gently draw down some of the color at the base of the bushes to make the shadows. I didn't use any color in the skyline or background, yet, I still got the look of winter.
Hope this helps anyone how wants to use it.
- Frank
Learn more about Fractal Particle Brushes here: Optipustics Intro

New settings in the v2.1 update

editorial note: Once you've created an image like the one above, you can add animation effects such as these snow FX: 

Note: Flash 6 MX player or better needed for the above movie
or download and view the avi movie  - 267 kb DivX
Other new additions:

another tropical island beach - with boats

A variant of the tropical island beach, with boats
Calm in the Cove

Calm in the Cove
View from the Hill

View from the Hill

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