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Hannes Wiesendanger

visions from Switzerland

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More Dogwafflers of the Moment

Hello and greetings from Zurich, Switzerland. My name is Hannes Wiesendanger

I love to paint. Painting is my passion. I have also painted in a lot of traditional media, such as oils. For digital painting, I paint a lot in Krita and My Paint as well as in other paint programs. I started with PD Howler 10 on Steam. Now I use PD Howler 11.   .... Learn about version 2019 (v12)

Early 2019

Life is change. Life has been good, and change is good. But it is change, it means that others have to come in, step up to the plate, and learn to replace you too, to complement you, to add to you, to take 'it' into a new direction. My hands are playing tricks on me. It seems like my body wants to explore impressionism, or some altricated form of surrealism. A straight line is not so straight anymore. I am looking back at a great life with the gift of drawing and painting my stories and my imagination, sharing my joys with wife and children.

Hundreds, even thousands of paintings, mostly with Krita, and lately also with Dogwaffle. It's been very enriching, a blessing to have the capability and at times the professional drive and necessity, a boss who needs it done by yesterday. I was an professional illustrator once, if that's even the right title, for a great big company that literally looked at moments, as the tagline goes, to the point where it became a buzzword. I was getting paid to draw, paint, illustrate, to create marketing material.... I observed a lot, shapes, colors, interactions between shapes and colors and light. What a hoot!

Let's not forget though, at the end of the day, after any long journey, it's time to pack, back to where it all began. The ocean gave us life, for mother Earth, the life we get to enjoy and see. Keep it alive. Do something to preserve it.

These were done a while ago,

Wishing you all smooth sailing!

New Series of images in Howler 2019

As I just installed Howler 2019, I am exploring:

Howler   #1 
Howler   #2

Late 2017

Fantasy landscape - Fantasielandschaft

Skies and painting

Glass and Transparency

Here's are addition from earlier in 2017:

Little Stone Bridge

A Little stonebridge in southern Switzerland.  I used mainly the burn brush and one of the rough brushes on FAVORITES Folder.

In the Jurassic Mountains

I think I am getting closer to all those wonderful features of HOWLER:
here another new Picture - I did it with fractal noise and Puppy Ray as well as other brushes and tools.

Here is my first creation that I did in PD Howler:

Wald (forest)

Wald scene mit bach
          und Sonnenreflektion

Normally I paint on one canvas and don't use layers. Often I paint by heart. Many times I also load a reference image on another screen or tablet, and use it as a visual reference or impression to guide my own painting or attempt to recreate the same look or mood, painting from scratch.

Lately I found a lot of photo pics created by me or on the internet and try to re-paint it as close as possible to the original - all with the different basic-brushes or tools of the program. The forest view I did in HOWLER was a photographic picture that I had long time ago and the challenge was to recreate the light and the water reflections. I only used in HOWLER one of the airbrush tools and KB brushes. Some of the trees I made with FOLIAGE brushes as a test. I like those brushes but I think it must be used very carefully so that it doesn't look too artificial.

Anyway! Congratulations to you and Dan for your fantastic program work.

So for this forest scene I really painted from the beginning on with simple tools and brushes. That offers me the best to learn how a program reacts and what is possible to do. 

Sailer on High Sea

sail ship on high seas

Here I send you my first Sea picture after a few hours experimenting and looking for the perfect brushes.

I painted it directly without one of the features. My brushes were: SUNO, BURN, Small AirBrush and single pen and a bigger Airbrush for the background. The cloudtools are very good. I'm not yet quite happy with the ship itself, but that is only my lack of practice in HOWLER. The Water is ok. I'll do much more with Howler.


Here's another quick study of agitated ocean waves on a windy day.

Die Fliege - The Fly

Just a quick dabble. Starting to really love those brushes. 

Auge - Blue eye

I find the eye to be one of the toughest challenges to paint. There is so much going on, with wrinkles and eye lashes and other details, perhaps a water drop too if it is in tears, and reflections of the surrounding environment, imagined, and refraction, plus the view of the iris and into the dark inside. The eye holds a universe of stories.

Rock in the Water (Steinsee)

Here is a new study on water and transparency. I painted it with only two or three brushes.

I found "My Brushes" in the media manager and the feature of using pressure for sizing the brushes with my CINTIQ tablet.  I will for sure try all other features of HOWLER but for now I'm checking out the basic paint tools. My Main brushes are (for now) Animbrush13, Burn, Like, Hairliner Oil,  my favorite and airbrush 50.

About my tools

My Workstation: I have a nice HP Envy workstation with Nvidia GTX 980 card. This graphics card has a lot of Cuda cores, perfect for rendering landscapes in Puppy Ray on the GPU!

I also use a Wacom Cintiq 13 - as a tablet. Yes I know I could paint on it directly, and I just might do that with Howler some day, but so far it's basically been my tablet as in a digital pen, and the big screen on the desk and the desktop computer on the side is where it's actually happening, where the programs are running.


Thanks for visiting!