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Michael Lundie

"Dogwaffler of the Moment"
March 2004

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Michael Lundie is with a team of young artists running MCDesign and Graphic Studios where you can reach a growing community of art enthusiasts, professionals and beginners, some of them belonging to projects supported by MCDGS. One of their current projects is called Forgotten FantasyTM . To probe further:

Copyright (c) 2004 Michael Lundie - Child of The Wind and Forgotten FantasyTM Concept Art, Tailah       

"Here's some concept art I've been making with Dogwaffle, for the Forgotten Fantasy project. Child of the WindForgotten Fantasy is an animation series which I am directing and producing. It was founded by Ken Shing Tse, Chris Russell and I, however the screenplay is written by me - and Callum who is co-founder of MCDGS (along with me) helps with the screenplay as well. Everyone on the team has an input though - making sure everyone is happy (as possible) with the story is important. The project is in early stages, and it's the first project to be run through MCDesign and Graphic Studios -  it's point is to run projects and support them - we're also happy to support things like Dogwaffle - I think dogwaffle is great, and am happy to let everyone know about it.

Child of the Wind"Child of The Winds was a drawing I had sketched originally in my sketchbook I keep laying around the studio. I actually drew the image at three in the morning - strange I know - but I needed to do something, and I'm glad I did. I don't tend to draw many depressing images, but at that time.., say no more. ; ) It was a great piece to take into Dogwaffle, so I scanned it in, did the line art in Illustrator, and took it into Dogwaffle. It's still a work in progress, the background has been through many changes, but it has been great for experimenting with Dogwaffle. For the character herself, I more or less just used the watercolour brush, customizing it a little along with the air brush on the pleated hair since it was a bit more detailed. The background you can see there is using watercolour, the airbrush, and a lot of pencil lines, especially for the mountains."

Forgotten Fantasy currently has 12 concept artists working on it - since we are only in the concept stage - once the screen play is finished, concept, etc, we are hoping to animate and produce it with Maya.  We will also be taking on 3D modellors, animators, storyboard artists, etc We are currently using Maya PLE to learn the program, which is great. For the animations though we will be using the full versions of Maya, but we have yet to get appropriate funding/sponsorship to be able to get the licenses"

Note: The new MCDesign and Graphic Studios Dogwaffle Community gives you a place to find the latest Dogwaffle information, latest downloads, fast help and assistance, galleries where you can show off your work in the community and look at other's work and it's a place to just talk to fellow artists.

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