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Dale "Dalemation" Hemenway

aka Dale Amigaman

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Dale Hemenway is an animator living in England who has successfully used a variety of animation tools, including Smith Micro's Anime Studio, Hash:Animation Master and Project Dogwaffle's PD Pro and PD Howler.

His early days with Project Dogwaffle date back to around 2005/2006 with PD Pro 4. See for example the walking decorator animation.

Here are more examples.

Updated Winter 2014/2015:  new!

I completed the music video that I was working on. There is quite a bit of PD Howler work in there that you might notice: space backgrounds, some effects, compositions, 3D landscapes (post-apocalyptic city scape),...


"Night in Shangri-La" by Bubble Gum Orchestra (Official Video)

Here are also some updated or outdated resources, some of which also mention this music video, or designs that went into it eventually.

Post-Apocalyptic City - created in PD Howler's Puppy Ray

Click the image below to view a short video

don't you
                            know when you're gonna die?
                            (post-apocalyptic scene)

More references:

Dale's blog about using AnimationMaster in making the characters for the above video:

Dale also uses Anime Studio quite a lot:

More about Dale:

 the Decorator

by Dale 'Dalemation' Hemenway. Created with Project Dogwaffle.
Dale uses a variety of animation tools, including some vector art
based and some raster art based ones like Project Dogwaffle.



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