Dogwaffler of the Moment - May 2004:

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 Doug Higley

   "....been waffling since 1999 and never looked back."

My name is Doug Higley and live in Encinitas, California North of San Diego. I'm a 62-year old professional voice-over artist who discovered Dogwaffle at WebAttack a few years ago (a free version
in 1999). I've since used it for many of my illustrations and book covers. I'm an artist at heart, I like to sketch and paint, I also animate with Animato for cell animation. Dogwaffle is becoming more and more an essential tool for me.

It's interesting for me to see the recent, new developments within Dogwaffle, with the Mouth plugin (exposure sheet) introduced in v2.0d. It's getting into areas of my professional life but so far I'm just using it for making illustrations for my book and other uses. The image to the right shows the cover of my book, made with Dogwaffle.

I particularly like working with Dogwaffle because of the ease of use and manipulation capabilities. When asked what if anything needs improvement, all I can say is:  Me. The software is super.

My images take me less than half an hour to make, or I move on.

cover of my book
Scary Dark Rides - cover of my book

dracs stuff

This one is 'Dracs Stuff' - I like the way that parchment paper texture comes through with Dogwaffle.

There are all sorts of spooky things I can paint with Dogwaffle. It's perfect for the bizarre alien spore.

alien spore cut

Fantasy goldfish

One of my favorite tools in Dogwaffle is the smear tool. You will find it used in many of my illustrations, like some of the green gooey plant stuff on the alien spore cut above, or  for this goldfish at left.  I also used it in making the mane and neck and fur of the lion on my book's cover (above), and again on algae on my creature below.

If you're an illustrator working on books, I encourage you to give Project Dogwaffle a try. Whether you settle for the free version or use the latest, much improved, faster and more complete commercial version (which is such a bargain in my opinion), I think you'll find it a very worthy companion tool for your painting and sketching needs.
creature by doug

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