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another space scene

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dogius wafflius
"hello my name is wizard, i live in edmonton, alberta, canada,

i am 46 years,7 months,21,days,14 hours,25 minutes,39 seconds old,

but thats just an approximation,lol.........

returning home

simple country scene
simple country scene

i am self employed,......i first discovered *project dogwaffle* about 3 years ago,the version i tried i believe was .08, i am currently using version 1.11b,....in the begining stages of aquiring knowledge in graphics programs 3 1/2 years ago, i found myself experimenting with countless programs but found myself always going back to the dogwaffle.

what i found with the dogwaffle program that other paint programs lacked was the infinite variations in combining the textures (*and being able to alter them*), to my brushes and by coupling them with size, opacity and step settings, i soon discovered that this dogwaffle program had unique qualities that other programs lacked, even after 3 years i still discover different ways and looks from the dogwaffle brushes,.....

aquatic life
Aquatic Life
in my arsenal of graphics programs i use, : photoimpact8, terragen, paint shop pro 7, poser 4, photofiltre and last but certainly not least, project dogwaffle,....

the computer i use for my graphics programs is a 4 year old compaq presario with a 633 mega hertz intel celeron processor, the only up grade i have done to my P.C. is going to a 19" monitor over the 15",and i added a 128 mb sd ram chip to bring my total to 192,

........now back to the dogwaffle !!

what I like most?

.....as i mentioned earlier, the ability to have great control over the brush functions in the dogwaffle is indeed my most favorite quality about it, the dogwaffle presents a unique user friendly feel about it that lets you paint right off the bat and with practice you can grow with it and add an arsenal of learned skills to further enhance your artistic creativity,....

what needs improvement?

in my opinion the dogwaffle is so unique that i find it hard to really find any faults about it,...but being asked this question i will submit a possible text enhancement would be in order, but!, being a person that enjoys painting, the text function feature improvement is no big deal to me,........ oh, and that was before I found out about the new text tool from v2 or even the new free v1.2. Seeing now what's possible, I realize the improvements have been made  LOL

horse at night
horse at night
what other tools?

besides dogwaffle my other choice of 2d imaging graphics program is photo impact 8,......i rarely do animation and have not tried the video editing, or animation tools ,.......i do not have a website, but being a member of 3d commune has given me an avenue to display some of my digital images and interact with other digital artists, i rather enjoy my time at this site,.....

matric meditator
matrix meditator

the revealing
the revealing
as a closing remark i would like to add!,..(and i say this with an honest no brown nosing intention),.......if i were limited to having only one graphics program on my computer it would have to be * project dogwaffle *,..just for being the unique painting program that it is!

 ......laterzzzzz !,.....wizard out "

Some of my latest creations are at the 3dcommune gallery


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