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for Project Dogwaffle: PD Pro Digital Painter, PD Particles, PD Artist, the freeware version etc...


Dog Rock Shooty Game  - a free game new!
Water Caustics Filter  - a free plugin 

Normal Map Filter  - a free plugin 
Worley Noise Filter  - a free plugin 

 more Howler downloads
 - more downloads specific to Howler (and some for PD Artist users too)

  3D Stickers  - free brush images of toon characters

Freebies  - more Brushsets, brush images, textures, Particle brush Presets...
Old Freeware version of PD
 - Project Dogwaffle 1.2... based on a subset of v2.1
  Free Home Learning Edition 8
 - based on a subset of Howler v8.2...
Updates & Patches  - Patches, Updates & Doggybags...
 - teach me how to waffle and howl
 - free wallpapers for your desktop
the Demozone
 - Download a free Demo/Trial Version
  PD Help
 - User Guides, Documentation & Help Files
3rd-party Plugins
 - add-ons and enhancements from other developers
 - our own Plugins, doggybags, extensions
LUA scripting
 - LUA scripting - customize your own filters
 - the GUI server
 - the Software Developer Kit for programmers
Tutorials for PD Particles
 - more digital painting fun