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get PD Pro 4, Curvy 3D 1.6, Pixarra Twistedbrush Pro, Archipelis Designer, Digital Anarchy's Texture Anarchy, Genetica 3(!), AnyFX for PD and Dynamic Auto Painter, plus music, a combined total of over $663 --- for just $59(!)

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animated smiley
                            created in Dogwaffle free animation program Project Dogwaffle 1.2
by Daniel Ritchie
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Draw, Sketch, Animate and Paint on your PC

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                                        totally cool, Daddyo
The free download is now available here

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This is a free program for the PC developed in VB by special fx artist, animator & novelist Dan Ritchie and made available for free downloading and use (but not for resale without express written permission - please contact Dan if you wish to include a copy of his software with your commercial products). Any non-commercial distribution is fine; that includes placing it on cover CDs with magazines and books.

Need more details? A full description and other mirror sites are listed here - For information about the commercial versions with many more features look here

Simply save the file to a local folder or to your desktop, then verify the file size (right-click the downloaded file and select Properties), then double-click it to launch the downloaded installer.

Warning - Beware of viruses when downloading from alternate sites  - We also recommend you pass it through your anti-virus checker just in case something's happened to the file during your download. Better safe than sorry.Verify the downloaded file's exact size and compare with that shown here plus scan it for viruses with your anti-virus program.

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Getting started with Digital
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PD Artist
Draw, Sketch, Animate & Paint
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